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Foreclosure Defense and Strategies

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    has a simple 4 STEP PLAN:

    Our 4-step plan makes it easy for our clients to understand the process. Make no doubt however that our work to resolve the matter is complicated, detailed and takes great effort. That’s what we are here for!


    Homeowner decides if they want to stay in the home or sell


    MY-HOME LEGAL attorney decides if homeowner’s goal is attainable


    Develop legal plan to hold off foreclosure


    Attempt negotiate with lender on a solution to clear up the foreclosure based on homeowner’s goal and our attorney’s recommendation.

    In a foreclosure case, the lender or HOA has filed a lawsuit against the homeowner so that they can take possession of the property. We can help by legally defending the homeowner and trying to find a permanent solution. Once we understand the client’s goals, our team puts together a plan and legal strategy to give the client the best chances for success. Our approach to foreclosure defense can take one of two strategies.

    We can be reactive, to responding to pleadings in hopes of delaying the foreclosure and allowing time for our team to negotiate a permanent solution.

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