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Helping Clients through Probate and Trust Administration

At MY-HOME LEGAL, we believe that preserving the wishes of our clients honors their legacy. Whether you need to administer a probate estate for a loved one, administer a trust, or need legal assistance to manage complex estate issues, our attorneys at Mazza Law can explain your duties and obligations in simple terms with complete transparency and compassion.

The complexity of estate administration depends on the size of an estate, whether the Decedent passed away with a Will, a Trust, or no estate plan, and whether the estate plan documents are subject to legal challenges or are likely to be contested by interested parties, heirs, devisees, or beneficiaries.

If you need help with probate or trust administration, contact the trust and probate attorneys at Mazza Law online or call (602) 536-7609 to get in touch with an attorney who can help.

At Mazza Law, we provide legal services for probate and trust administration. Our attorneys can expertly assist you with the required Court filings and guide you through the administration process. Our goal is to help you navigate through and expedite the process, whether it is simple, complex, or heavily litigated.

Probate Attorneys in Arizon

In Arizona, Probate is a legal process used to administer both testate and intestate estates. The probate process can be used to authenticate a will or determine the heirs of an estate, appoint a Personal Representative of the estate, identify and notify creditors, establish an inventory and accounting that details date of death values of estate assets, pay costs of administration and any final debts, prepare and file final tax returns, and distribute the remainder of an estate to the named devisees and heirs.

Trust Administration Services

In Arizona, if an individual established a Trust during their lifetime or created a testamentary Trust, such Trust needs to be properly administered. The trust administration process involves managing the property in the Trust as directed, which may include distributing the trust assets to the named beneficiaries. The administration of a trust may be a simple process.

However, some trust estates are more complex and require a much more involved trust administration process. Our law firm handles both simple and complex trust administration matters. All trust matters, whether simple or complex, should follow basic steps to minimize potential exposure to liability for the Trustee, and the attorneys at Mazza Law are here to guide you through that process.

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